Youth Elite Camp


The Youth Elite Camp starts July 29th and runs until August 1st. In our daily camp you will practice like a professional athlete. LeBron James‘ personal coach Phil Handy, player development coach Moris Hadzija will teach you the tools to become successful at the highest level.

> Conditions of participation

Key facts:
> At the OrangeCampus
> Participants need to be between 10-17 years old
> Intermediate or Advanced level
> Players need to take care of their own overnight stay, breakfast and dinner themselves
> Workouts from 10:00-17:00 h
> Basketball and athletics
> Water and lunch at Uuuulmer’s
> 2 Camp shirts

Potential Schedule:
10:00-12:00: Skillwork
12:00-13:00: Athleticism
13:00-14:30: Lunchbreak
14:30-15:30: Repetition shooting
15:30-17:00: Playing

You already want to work like a pro basketball player?
Then the Youth Elite Camp is the perfect program to you.

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